Life Skills Assessment

We have worked with Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers and Refugees over the last 20 years. We have worked successfully with young people who have arrived in the UK after having had some most traumatic experiences in their countries of origin.

Paramount importance is placed on supporting the young people seeking asylum and young refugee people placed with us to help them settle smoothly into the British system without losing sight of their origins and cultural values. Based on the premise that knowledge is power, commitment is given to ensuring that young people seeking asylum status in the UK are provided with the support, information and advice they rightly deserve.

To this end, comprehensive liaison work is carried out with the allocated Social Worker of the young person, Solicitors and Panel Advisers from the Refugee Council (where applicable). Also every attempt is made to encourage the tracing of and maintenance of contact with family members, relations and friends of the young person both here in the UK and abroad, through liaison with international agencies that are equipped to trace families in other countries.

The home offers a sensitive environment that enables the young person to re-address issues pertinent to their specific needs, as reflected in the individual care plans / placement plans. The home accepts young people from different ethnic backgrounds including young people from the Asian, Caribbean and African Communities, as well as refugees from European Communities and other countries across the globe.

Our supported living project was established because Alpha Care Service Ltd has identified that working with children / young people within such a project which caters for a very small number of clients gives the staff the scope to carry out intensive support work with them, identifying the young person’s presenting problems and working in partnership with them and significant others to address them.

The positive aspects of this are to enable the young people to respect differences, value diversity and empower them to take control of their lives through mentoring role models who aim to carry out positive work with the young people.

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