Equality and Diversity

All staff receive training in Equality and Diversity and how we ensure that this is reflected in our everyday practises in meeting young peoples cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds. The staff work towards empowering the young people so that they will be able to live within the community with a sense of pride, a sense of belonging and social responsibility.

Religious Observation

Religion is very important to the home, and it is part of the admission process to have as much information about the young person being placed in our home -including religion, culture and first language- as possible. The Manager and other Support Staff will actively seek to promote that young person’s religion by using resources within the home and the community as a whole. For example, Religious reading matter and equipment (such as Bibles, Prayer Mats and Korans etc.)are supplied to meet the religious needs of the young person(s) placed in the home.


Our Standards are based upon Outcome Analysis /Leaving Care Act and Minimum Standards. We also use our experience, knowledge, social worker and young people feedback.
It is important that our standards are measurable and able to be evaluated to monitor and improve standards of care. This is reviewed on a six month basis and shared with our purchasers and stakeholders.

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